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Rhode Island Based
Interior Designer
Your space, reimagined.

Nautilus Home Design is for anyone who values the simpler things in life.

Drawing inspiration from meandering farmhouses of Vermont and the relaxed aesthetic of Nantucket cottages, combined with old world architecture and clean, modern living, Natalia blends charm, serenity and a little bit of soul.


Selecting natural elements; wooden beams, clay, plaster and natural stone from their historic architectural context and bringing them into our time.

Unlock your home's potential

Our surroundings impact how we feel, how we think, and how we interact with one another.

Nautilus Home Design specializes in designing spaces that allow for focusing on what's most important.

Creating interior landscapes that support beauty, balance, and wellness.

Improving functionality, peace, inspiration, and comfort by creating flow and harmony through color, texture, light, and space.
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